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M-S Cash Drawer  
EP-125NKSI Cash Drawer--Programmable Serial Connection
Model: EP-125NKSI
Select with or without media slots (slots to put a check or receipt through drawer front without opening drawer).
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The EP-125NK electronic cash drawer is the industry standard for under-counter mounting. It has 4 small holes in the top for mounting, but can also be used above the counter.

18.8" W x 15.2" L x 4.58" H*4.11"(H) without rubber feet. 

Till insert #73041-003-STD (5 coin/5 bill).

Drawer opens by sending a specific ASCII code to the drawer. The code set by dip switches inside the back of the drawer.

By using a "Y" cable, you can plug a second serial device into same serial port.

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